COVID Information For Providers

Message from DDS – Please share information regarding COVID-19 and Flu Season

Dear Regional Center Executive Directors:
The Department of Developmental Services is asking for your help in distributing information about COVID-19 and Flu Season to your service providers.  This bulletin provides information on how to slow the spread, how to protect yourself and the people you serve as well as testing information, the importance of mental health and other resources available.
We’re offering this bulletin in the following languages.
Thank you for sharing this information with your service provider community.
Brian Winfield, Chief Deputy Director
Department of Developmental Services


Overbilling of Service Code 109 Authorizations

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and California State of Emergency, additional program support hours were authorized by San Diego Regional Center. These authorizations were set up as service code 109 with a sub-code of COVID-19. SDRC erred and gave many group homes authorizations for each client in the home, instead of the actual number of staffing hours needed. Many homes have billed for the full amount of the authorizations but may not have added additional staff to the hours billed.

Please read this SDRC letter dated September 8, 2020 for further instructions.

Billing Guidelines during COVID

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and California State of Emergency, his memo will provide guidance to service provider billing for San Diego and Imperial counties.

Please read this SDRC letter dated March 16, 2020 for further instructions.

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