E-Billing is a process that allows service providers to complete invoices over the Internet for automated processing and payment. This expedited process helps to insure that invoices are prepared accurately and payments are received more reliably.



  1. Download the E-Billing Agreement Form or the Self-Determination E-Billing Agreement Form.
  2. Complete all sections.
  3. Email the completed forms to Ernie Lozano at ebilling@sdrc.org or fax to (858) 503-4413.
  4. Once we receive your completed forms, you will be set up in the E-Billing system for online access to your invoices. See tutorials below for instructions.
  5. For questions regarding invoices, contact Ask POS in the Business Services department.


24 Hour Conversion For many service codes, Title 17 regulations require that vendors record workers’ times in and out in order to compute the total hours for billing the regional center. Providers who billed using these service codes did not have the ability to do this with the old e-billing system, but must now record this information in the current e-billing system to finally comply with the regulations.

The e-billing system uses 24 Hour Time (sometimes called military time) to record in and out times. In 24 hour time each hour is numbered sequentially from 0 to 23 starting at midnight. For example, 12:00 AM (midnight) would be 0:00, 8:00 AM (the eighth hour) would be 8:00, 5:00 PM (the seventeenth hour) would be 17:00.

Please note that unlike hours, minutes are not uniquely numbered. For example, 01:15 in 24 Hour Time is the same as 1:15 AM and 13:15 is the same as 1:15 PM.

A simple rule of thumb is for any hour after 12:00 PM (noon) just add 12 to it. For example, 3:00 PM would be 15:00 (3 + 12) and 11:00 PM would be 23:00 (11 + 12).

Please refer to the reference guide for 12 Hour to 24 Hour Conversion.


  1. All Users– covers the basics of logging in, site navigation and report viewing.
  2. Invoicing– covers the process required for invoicing including using the various calendar types.
  3. Service Provider Administration – covers how to manage your local users as the Service Provider Administrator.
  4. Attendance & DS1964 – covers the steps needed to use the DS1964 to submit attendance tracking information through the e-billing website.
  5. Full Presentation – combines all of the above material as one presentation.


ATTENTION: Please review your authorization “contract” as soon as it is received. Make sure the vendor number, service code, sub-code (if any), dates of service, and units of service are correct. If anything is incorrect, please contact your service coordinator as soon as possible. Information contained on your contract can only be changed by direction from your service coordinator.

WARNING: If you check “No Service” on your e-billing invoice, you are indicating that you did not provide services to the client during that month, and the invoice will be deleted from the system.


3) If you have a question regarding a line on your invoice, you can check “Deferred” and type in a comment at the bottom of the “Comments Log” for the bill payer. For example, you can indicate that you provided the service on another date, or that the units of service are not what you expected.

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