Self Advocacy

Self-Advocacy is a movement where individuals with developmental disabilities voice their wants, needs and hopes, and take control over their lives.

Locally, San Diego People First is the self-advocacy group for San Diego County.  Imperial Valley People First covers Imperial County. Both People First groups are run by individuals with developmental disabilities and hold trainings and conferences that educate members on various topics regarding self-advocacy. Self-advocates learn to voice their wants, needs, hopes and dreams to family and professionals, and make choices/decisions that affect their own lives. Additionally, self-advocates often unite to promote understanding and educate peers, professionals and the public about self-advocacy and the rights of people with disabilities.

1) San Diego People First – San Diego and Imperial Valley (619) 688-3323

2) Paul Mansell is the San Diego Regional Center’s Client Information Specialist. Paul provides support to SDRC staff, clients and their families. Some of his areas of expertise include:

IPP Preparation

Problem Solving


Public Transportation

Organization and Planning

Independent Living Topics

Paul is available for one-on-one or group training and can be reached at (858) 503-4438.

3) Self-Advocacy Online – Excellent resource to learn about Self-Advocacy, find Self-Advocacy groups, view self-advocacy stories and more.


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