Service Coordination

Birth to 3

A service coordinator is assigned to work with the child and family at the time they are referred for evaluation and assessment. They will serve as a primary point of contact for coordinating services and providing assistance to the child and family. The service coordinator is responsible for planning the development of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and reviewing it with the family and service providers every six months. As the child approaches his or her third birthday, the service coordinator with the IFSP team will develop a plan to transition from Early Start to needed services by the age of 3.

Over Age 3

A service coordinator (also called case manager, social worker, or client program coordinator) is assigned to every person who is a client of the San Diego Regional Center. The service coordinator coordinates all the services provided by the Regional Center and answers any questions or concerns. The services provided by the regional center are individualized and depend upon your needs. Service coordinators assist families to find solutions to these specific needs.

Service coordinators also advocate for the rights of clients. Advocacy has many definitions, but certainly requires an understanding and knowledge of the rights of all citizens, the ability to encourage and support implementation of these rights in any setting, and the willingness to intervene in an appropriate manner when necessary.

Service coordinators meet in person with the clients assigned to their caseload a minimum of once a year to develop the Individualized Program Plan (IPP). The IPP meeting provides the clients and/or family to discuss concerns, future plans, and needs. The IPP can be revised/updated at any time, but MUST be updated annually.

The service coordinator works in partnership with the client and/or family to plan for the needs of the client. If you have concerns about your service coordinator, you are encouraged to contact the Program Manager for that unit and express your concerns. You may ask for another service coordinator to be assigned.


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