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Alternative Non-Residential Services

What do alternative nonresidential services look like?

See what other providers are doing.

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Many agencies and providers are accessing available online activities and curricula to

supplement services: Health & Wellness

The three-part Festival of Learning series by CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities
showcases innovative ways Californians have created and accessed services.

Festival of Learning Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Person-Centered Thinking

Person-centered tools are an essential component to help plan and develop alternative services. With so many changes in our lives, we are all struggling to maintain that balance between the things that are important TO us like relationships, routines, and having control and the things that are important FOR us like our health and safety. The below worksheets can help you and those you support navigate these challenges and brainstorm new ideas to keep our lives balanced and satisfying.

Sorting Important TO and Important FOR Take a moment to really consider the day to day aspects of your life that leave you feeling satisfied, happy, and excited to wake up in the morning. What things are not as exciting but still important for your overall well-being? In light of all the changes to our daily lives, how can you maintain this balance?

One Page Description How has the pandemic changed your priorities and support needs? A One Page Description is a way to briefly communicate with others what is most important in your life right now… is it staying in touch with friends? Getting fresh air every day? This is an especially useful tool for those who may be working with new support staff and want a quick way to relay this information consistently.

Working/Not Working We have all made changes already to our daily lives. What is working for you right now? What isn’t working? What would it take to move the things not working a little closer to the ‘working’ category?

Billing for Alternative Nonresidential Services

Billing for Alt Services

Instructions & Webinars

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