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What is Self-Determination?

Self-Determination is a new way to imagine, plan, and live your life. It offers more authority over what services you buy, what those services look like, and how much you pay for them. It's an opportunity to think outside the box and be creative - what do you want your life to look like and what do you need to make that happen? Whether you decide to use regional center providers or find your own, Self-Determination means YOU are in the driver's seat. 

How Do I Start?

If you don't know anything about Self-Determination, consider coming to an Informational Session. It's only an hour and a half of your time and you can learn the basics. 

Attend a San Diego Local Advisory Committee (SDLAC) meeting. The SDLAC meets every month to discuss the implementation of Self-Determination and meetings are open to the public. 

If you know enough about Self-Determination to know you are ready to move forward, attend an Orientation. This is a requirement of participating in Self-Determination. 

Let your Service Coordinator know you're interested.

Still not sure what to do next? Email your questions to 

San Diego Local Advisory Committee

The San Diego Chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month and alternate between mornings and evenings - meetings are open to the public. The meeting agenda will be posted below prior to the meeting and will list the date, time and location. Currently, all meetings are held via Zoom. Meeting minutes are posted as they are approved. If you need translation please email us at at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and indicate what language you need.

Fiscal Management Service (FMS) Providers

DDS maintains a list of FMS agencies who are vendored by one of the 21 Regional Centers, and who are able to provide services to participants in San Diego/Imperial Counties.


The link below will take you to the DDS FMS page – click on ‘San Diego’ for the current list of available providers.

DDS Financial Management Service (FMS) Contact List

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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Please note that the below list of events includes  those offered  by SDRC, community partners, and other entities - we cannot endorse or recommend  any training,  workshop, or event that is not directly  sponsored  by  SDRC. Attendance at any of  the below events is optional.

As a dedicated proponent of person-centered practices, San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) is pleased to offer Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) Training to the community. This curriculum was developed by The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices ( and teaches the principles behind person-centered thinking and provides attendees with a variety of tools and techniques to implement person-centered thinking practices. Several SDRC staff have successfully completed all requirements to gain their credentials as Certified PCT Trainers. Registration is available through Eventbrite – $10/person for those not employed by SDRC. The majority of trainings are delivered in a series of four ½-day sessions. If you are interested in participating in this training, please search ‘San Diego Regional Center Person-Centered Thinking’ on Eventbrite to see available upcoming sessions. Contact: Suzy Requarth

Independent Facilitator

Are you interested in becoming an Independent Facilitator (IF) for the DDS Self-Determination Program?

The State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Orange County Office has launched an ONLINE, SELF-PACED WEBINAR SERIES to help you continue your journey as an IF given present in-person restrictions. After completion of the series, a certificate of completion will be mailed to you.

See flyers here: English; Spanish

The 6-Part Series includes:

  • Overview of Self-Determination

  • Budget & Spending Plan

  • Role(s) of the Independent Facilitator

  • Knowledge & Skills

  • Person-Centered Planning

  • The Business of Facilitation

Join us today! Please Register Here:

The Guidelight Group regularly offers Virtual Independent Facilitator Coaching Program. Visit their site to stay up to date on program offerings.

Disability Voices United and the Autism Society of Los Angeles are currently accepting applications for a FREE Independent Facilitator Certification Training for Diverse Multilingual individuals. For more information, click here.

High Fives


The San Diego Regional Center continues to move forward with preparations for the full rollout of the Self-Determination Program in the summer of 2021!

We now have 50 people fully enrolled - meaning they are actively exercising control and authority over their individual budgets to purchase the services and supports they need to achieve their goals.


Right now, SDRC can only enroll up to 207 people into Self-Determination and those individuals must have been selected by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for participation.


***But this is about to change! ***


On  JUNE 7 2021, Self-Determination becomes an option for all individuals eligible for Regional Center services under the Lanterman Act. Learn more by attending an informational session, joining our email list, attending a Local Advisory Committee meeting, or talking to your Service Coordinator.

​Questions? Contact SDRC at or DDS at