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What is Self-Determination?

Self-Determination is a new way to imagine, plan, and live your life. It offers more authority over what services you buy, what those services look like, and how much you pay for them. It's an opportunity to think outside the box and be creative - what do you want your life to look like and what do you need to make that happen? Whether you decide to use regional center providers or find your own, Self-Determination means YOU are in the driver's seat. 



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Self-Determination Program Team Charter

Established 8/30/23

We are the Self Determination Team of the San Diego Regional Center.
Although we work in different departments and play different roles,
we share common goals to work collaboratively with each other and our community partners to identify ways to improve the program for everyone involved,
to provide information and guidance to internal and external stakeholders,
and to increase access for all members of our community.
We recognize that we have the ability to affect change,
and that we are at the forefront of the future of service provision.
As a team, we support freedom of choice and embrace positive change.
We find great joy in making a difference in people's lives,
and building relationships within our community.
We celebrate our partnerships with those receiving SDP services and their families.
We achieve our mission when we learn about the amazing things people are doing that they may not have accomplished outside of SDP.
We still have barriers to overcome and improvements to make,
such as developing more resources, improving outreach, access, and efficiency,
and the continued development of the SDP infrastructure
to support the growing number of enrollments.
We will accomplish this with teamwork, a proactive approach,
training (both internally and externally), and continued outreach.
We have the ability to improve communication and clarity,
by serving as subject matter experts and continuing to share the most current information about the program with clients, families, staff, and community partners.
We will be accessible to those who need us, to help navigate the program.
We will live by example, to show others what it means to truly be person-first,
to ‘think outside the box,’ to engage in ethical practices,
and to reflect the mission and values of the San Diego Regional Center in our work.
We are here to support, collaborate, problem solve,
and do everything in our power to see people thrive.
We strive to help clients and families create a vision of a more meaningful life,
and to realize it through the Self Determination Program.







Attend Self-Determination Program Orientation




Create your Person-Centered Plan

Agree on your Individual Budget




Develop Services & Spending Plan


Select your FMS & Staff


Hold IPP Meeting




Begin the Self-Determination Program!

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Complete the Self-Determination Orientation in two easy parts!

Part 1: Create your LEAP account to complete the online course at your convenience.

Part 2: Attend a 90-minute live session with your SDRC team (registration information provided upon completing Part 1).​

Create Your LEAP Account HERE!

Done with orientation?

Help with your Person-Centered Plan is available!




Participant Testimonials

"My goal is to be a professional wood artisan.

I've started my own micro-business, Poli's Woodcraft, where I sell my hand turned wood & acrylic pens online and at face-to-face markets and fairs.

I use my spending plan to learn from small business owners and craftsmen, attend workshops, set-up my home woodshop, and receive assistance to operate my small business.

I plan social activities, attend craftsmen trade events, practice the skills for future independent living, and keep up on my health & fitness. The Self-Determination Program makes all these things happen."

Poli, Wood Artisan

Testimonials Needed

We'd love the opportunity to feature brief testimonials from individuals who are using the self-determination program at our annual San Diego Self-Determination Conference. It's vital that our communities hear directly from those whose lives are changing for the better because of self-determination.



The full rollout of the Self-Determination Program is here! 

On  JULY 1 2021, Self-Determination officially became an option for all individuals eligible for Regional Center services under the Lanterman Act. Learn more by joining our email list, attending a Local Advisory Committee meeting, or talking to your Service Coordinator. 


On JANUARY 1 2022, the San Diego Regional Center hit a major milestone with 100 people officially enrolled in Self-Determination - meaning they are actively exercising control and authority over their individual budgets to purchase the services and supports they need to achieve their goals. San Diego Regional Center is ready to support YOU with your transition to self-determined services!

Questions? Contact SDRC at or DDS at




The Disability Thrive Initiative was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift in how regional center services are currently being delivered to keep you and/or your family members as safe as possible.

Throughout 2021, the Disability Thrive Initiative will deliver free webinars, support, and a resource library to help the IDD community with the alternative services offered during the public health crisis. We strongly encourage you to take part in the webinars, and to stay connected to the Disability Thrive Initiative through their social media channels, so you can stay informed of the latest information about COVID-19 and its impact on your services. 

STAY INFORMED on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube

The Disability Thrive Initiative is presented by the California Disability Services Association and Easterseals of Southern California, in collaboration with the State Council on Developmental DisabilitiesThe Arc of California and California Alliance for Leadership and Education, and generously funded by the California Department of Developmental Services and San Diego Regional Center.

Together, we can thrive!

Latest Updates

San Diego Local Advisory Committee

The San Diego Chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month and alternate between mornings and evenings - meetings are open to the public. The meeting agenda will be posted below prior to the meeting and will list the date, time and location. Currently, all meetings are held via Zoom. Meeting minutes are posted as they are approved. If you need translation please email us at at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and indicate what language you need.

Additional Information

Self-Determination has rules and regulations just like any other service system in California. Want to see for yourself? Check out the Department of Developmental Services Self-Determination page here. Below, you will find links to some of the resources on the DDS website as well as other resources and information. 

General Information

Financial Management Services (FMS)
 A Financial Management Service (FMS) is the only required service for participants in Self-Determination. You can find a list of the FMS agencies that San Diego Regional Center partners with

Person-Centered Planning

Creating a Person-Centered Plan is an important part of preparing for a self-determined life. While we don't know yet if funding will be available to help you develop your plan, you can find staff/ agencies available to discuss Person Centered Planning services (Service Code 024) to future Self-Determination Participants.


You can choose to use your Self-Determination budget on a variety of services. Check them out here:
Service Codes
Service Definitions

Independent Facilitator

 An Independent Facilitator is an optional service and can help you identify and coordinate the services you choose to purchase. 

 Staff/ agencies available to discuss Self-Determination Pre-Enrollment Supports (Service Code 099) to future Self-Determination Participants.

Notebook and Pen

Local Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes

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January 11, 2019

Service Providers: Self-Determination
needs YOU!

Stay tuned for more information and send any questions to

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