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The Intake Process to Apply for Early Start Services for – Children 0-3 Years Old:

In San Diego and Imperial County, the intake process for California Early Start was designed to allow for multiple points of entry into the program. The parent or legal guardian has the option of contacting one of several participating agencies to request services.

The initial request for services is made by phone. During the phone call the Early Start Program is explained, and permission is secured for the referral information to be shared with the other participating agencies at a weekly referral review meeting. Following that meeting, a Service Coordinator is assigned to coordinate evaluations and plan for needed services and supports. Eligibility must be determined within 45 days of the initial request. If the child is found eligible for the program, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed in collaboration with the family and any other participating agencies that will be providing early intervention services. If the child is found not eligible, the family will be referred to other appropriate resources to address their concerns.

To apply for Early Start services (Children 0-3 years old), please call (858) 496-4318.

The Intake Process to Apply for Services for – Individuals over Age 3

Application for services involves an initial contact with an Intake on-call worker service coordinator. This contact is often made by telephone. At this time, San Diego Regional Center services are explained and information is obtained regarding the applicant.
If the applicant is deemed appropriate for an Intake assessment, an Intake Service Coordinator is assigned to the case and contacts the family to schedule an initial intake appointment. This meeting provides an overview of services available through the San Diego Regional Center. The Intake process is explained and application forms are completed. Eligibility must be determined within 120 days following the intake meeting.
If the applicant is eligible for regional center services, a meeting is then held to formulate a plan for the continuation of services. This Individual Program Plan (IPP) must be completed within 60 days of the eligibility determination. For the provision of ongoing services, the case is then transferred to a Client Services unit serving the geographic area in which the client resides.
If a person is found not to be eligible for services within the regional center definition of a developmental disability, the Intake service coordinator will refer the person to community resource(s) and the case will be closed. The person and family are informed about the appeal process if they disagree with the decision.

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Apply For Services (over 3)

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1) Review the new instructions/procedures for submitting an electronic Inquiry Request via SeamlessDocs.


2) Submit the Inquiry Request Form(s).

*MUST be initiated by the adult applicant or legally appointed conservator.

3) The SDRC Intake Department will review the information and contact you.


4) Download the Resource List of Services in the San Diego area.