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Special Incident Reporting

Who Should Report

Per DDS, any vendor or long-term care facility staff should report special incidents as required by Title 17, Section 54327 of the California Code of Regulations

Why do we report SIRs?

SIRs outline a timeline of incidents that affect a client's health and safety. By examining SIR histories, Special Incident Reporting Coordinators (SIRCs) can identify trends or patterns of behaviors that allow SDRC to provide better trauma-informed care and risk mitigation plans.

Why do SIRs matter?

By reporting in a timely manner, clients can be connected to resources faster, investigations by appropriate agencies can begin sooner, and we can remove perpetrators from harming other clients thus preventing future SIRs.

Report via Phone

Call your client’s service coordinator or ask for the on-call service coordinator. Make the phone call/voice message within 24 hours (calendar days) of the occurrence of the special incident.


Submit a written report of the special incident to the regional center within 48 hours (calendar days) of the occurrence of the special incident.

The Special Incident Form is to be used by SDRC service providers as well as long-term care facilities. Please use this form when submitting SIRs to SDRC and Community Care Licensing.

Need to update a SIR?

If a Vendor needs to update an existing SIR, please notify your SC with the new information and the SC will relay it to the SIR Coordinators. This way SCs can be aware of any changes to a client's status.

Report via Online SIR Vendor Portal

After a vendor has been given access, they can begin using the Online Vendor Portal to report Special Incidents.


To begin using the Online SIR Vendor Portal:

1. Download the SPP Agreement Form

2. Complete and email this form for

Guides & Tutorials

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*Special Incidents should be reported according to DDS timeliness regardless of if SIR is reportable to DDS or not.
Additionally, SDRC is requiring that ALL hospitalizations/ ER visits are documented via SANDIS SIR.
Doing so assists SDRC in analyzing trends and identifying opportunities for improved care.*


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