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Covid-19 Information & Updates

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COVID-19 Information & Updates: News
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Billing Guidelines during the COVID-19 State of Emergency

Directive from DDS that authorizes the temporary waiver in service delivery

EARLY START REMOTE SERVICES: The requirements of the California Early Intervention Services Act, Title 17, or a child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) requiring the delivery of services in-person are hereby waived. To the extent requested by a parent, guardian, or other authorized legal representative of the child due to concern related to exposure to COVID-19, a service provided to a child in-person may be provided by remote electronic communications, including Skype, Facetime, video conference, or telephone conference.


Prior to the delivery of a service by electronic communications, the service provider must notify the regional center that the family requested and agrees to remote or virtual services in lieu of in-person services. The regional center shall send a follow-up letter to the family, in the family’s preferred language, confirming that at the family’s request, virtual or remote services will be provided in lieu of in-person services. The letter shall include contact information for the child’s service coordinator and their supervisor.


This waiver is necessary because the Department finds that fear of exposure to COVID-19 is causing family members to miss in-person appointments for services for their children. Providing services to the child through electronic communications ensures that services necessary for the health, development and well-being of the child are delivered.

Remote Services for Early Start Clients

  • DDS has provided a directive allowing for Early Start Services to be provided through remote services. This is a waiver that will be time limited for the period of the State of Emergency and only if the family agrees to have the services provided remotely.

  • We are not requiring a change in program design for this temporary service.

  • Before you start working remotely with the families, please contact the assigned San Diego Regional Center Service Coordinator to let them know the family has agreed to receive remote services for their child. Providers do not need to get a signature from the family to start remote services.

  • If for some reason, you are not able to, or do not wish to provide remote services, please send an email to Myriam Rodriguez Gonzalez.

  • For any questions, please contact Therese Davis.

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